At Wildkactus, we believe Information is Power, so we provide a straight forward and easy to use resource, to help you get information into the hands of anyone.

We are your eBusiness Concierge!

We are a small web based business focused on entrepreneurs looking to connect their ideas and information with their followers.

At Wildkactus we beleive in eBusiness and think everyone should be connected.
So we have prepared a range of Resources to help you get and make a living online.

The resources we offer vary from free to paid.

  • Social Media eGuides
  • Social Media Courses
  • eBusiness eGuides
  • eBusiness Courses
At Wildkactus we offer a range of Services for any sized business.
Lets us be your eBusiness Concierge!
  • Domain Management
  • Hosting Management
  • Design Management
  • eBusiness Mentoring

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Who are We?

Wildkactus is a business from Jack Wild, Asia’s Internationalist, Entrepreneur and Sovereign Individual.

Wildkactus was started to make sure that eBusiness entrepreneurs get the support they need to get their idea’s and information into the hands of those that need it.

Jack and his team are here to support you no matter your skill level, from seasoned eBusiness owner to eBusiness newbie just starting out on the journey, Wildkactus is here to help!